Summary Expungement

Summary convictions are expungeable. You must wait five years to be eligible to apply for the expungement, but you can have your conviction expunged. The District Attorney can object to a summary expungement for various reasons, so it’s important to have an experienced attorney guide you through the process of the Pennsylvania Summary Expungement process.

Also, if you have a summary conviction related to alcohol that occurred before your twenty-first birthday, and have since turned twenty-one, but five years have not passed, you can have the summary expunged as soon as you turn twenty-one.

There is much debate over whether a summary is a crime. Regardless of the answer, the Pennsylvania State Police maintain a database of criminal records and they report summary offenses in the database. Therefore, the record exists for all to see including your next employer. Your next job won’t care that your public intoxication and urination case is not considered a “crime” under Pennsylvania law when they read all about it when deciding to hire you.

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