Often people are arrested and charged with many different crimes and plea guilty or are found guilty of a very minor crime. The best example of this is a situation where the person is charged with Rape, Sexual Assault, IDSI, Indecent Assault, Simple Assault, and Harassment, where the person pleads guilty to Simple Assault and the District Attorney withdraws prosecution on all of the other charges.

In this example, the person cannot get an expungement because the person was convicted of Simple Assault. However, when a anyone runs their record, the case presents many question marks due to the word Rape. The only way to fix this short of a pardon is with a redaction.

A redaction removes all of the charges for which you were not convicted. In the example above, after we finished the redaction the only charge that will appear is Simple Assault. While this will still appear like a blemish on a job application, the other more serious charges will not be visable.

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