A pardon is the only way to erase most convictions and have your rights restores. If you are granted a pardon by the Governor of Pennsylvania, you will receive back any rights that you lost as a result of your conviction. Such rights may include obtaining professional licenses, eligibility to own firearms, greater employment opportunities, and more. For these reasons, you can imagine why many convicted offenders wish to apply for a pardon.

The Zeiger Firm has a proven track record of getting pardons granted and having peoples records cleared. However, Mr. Zeiger does NOT accept all pardon client. The Zeiger Firm will only take your pardon if our attorneys believe you have a realistic chance of having the pardon granted.

While there are no specific rules form the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons about the criteria for getting pardoned, Mr. Zeiger’s experience as a criminal defense attorney gives us an idea of what to expect in the pardon process. The following is Mr. Zeiger’s list of things he looks for when deciding to accept a pardon:

  • How long ago was the supervision over? Did you have any violations while you were on supervision? For example, was you probation just over last year? If you had a case involving DUI or theft, has it been at least ten years since the supervision is over? If your case was drug related, have you been clean throughout the supervision and since the supervision ended, even if only a year or two has passed?
  • Did you pay all of your fines and costs?
  • Do you accept responsibility for your actions in the case for which you want to be pardoned? If not, do you have independent third party witnesses who will assert your actual innocence?
  • What have you been doing with your life since the time of the incident? What has changed in your life?
  • Why do you think you deserve to be pardoned?
  • What charity work do your do? Do you volunteer anywhere? Do you work at a church or political organization for free?
  • Are you patient? The pardon process takes approximately four years. Can you be patient with the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons and our office for that long?

If you are interested in a pardon, contact the Zeiger Firm now. We have handled pardon applications throughout Pennsylvania from our Philadelphia office and we have experience applying for pardons and winning pardons. Our attorneys are happy to discuss your case. Please call us (215) 825-5183 for a free consultation today.