In your loved one or close friend is incarcerated there is a special type of pardon to attempt to get them out of jail. While these cases are very similar to pardons and are heard by the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons, the Zeiger Firm refers to these cases as clemency applications.

In order for Mr. Zeiger to take on a clemency application, the inmate must either accept full responsibility for the case or have substantial third party evidence of actual innocence.

The types of clemency the Zeiger Firm will ask for includes the following list:

  • Any sentence where we ask for the person to be released.
  • Any sentence where we ask for the person to be made parole eligible.
  • A death sentence where we ask the sentence be made a life sentence.

In addition, we are often asked about Juvenile Life without Parole Cases (JLWOP). While there has been a change in law regarding this issue, many inmates face a situation where they committed a crime when they were 15, 16, or 17, and have no hope for eventual release from custody. Asking for clemency for parole eligible is a great way to give the person hope of eventual release from custody.

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